Album Artwork


The Bristol based band Elguapo commissioned the designs below in 2006 for the front, back and CD cover of their EP Masterful Things.

Elguapo Front
Elguapo CD
Elguapo Back



Left With Pictures

The cover designs below are from the first EP released by London based band Left With Pictures in 2005. This piece was commissioned as one half of a 'his' and 'hers' cover set.

LWP Front
LWP Back




The poster on the left below was produced for my graduation in 2002. It is an original freehand drawing, assembled and coloured using Photoshop, caricaturising my classmates. The final posters were printed on A3 paper at 300dpi and sold on Graduation day.

The poster below on the right was created for Locked in the Cellar. This was an evening of musical and theatre entertainment organised by Stuart Barter from Left With Pictures. The poster was based on sketches made throughout the evening and was available as an A3 print through the Left With Pictures website.

Graduation Poster
Locked in the Cellar




Novelist Steve Welch commissioned me to produce two illustrations for his childrens book The Triple A's Check It Out, published through Author House. The images were developed from Mr Welch's original sketches into the finished pieces over the course of three weeks, and were inked, scanned and completed in Photoshop.

The Triple A's Check It Out
The Triple A's Check It Out


Pitch Documents and Branding

Gameshow Pitches

Dramaworks Ltd approached me during 2004 to develop a series of pitch documents to complement and showcase their own written submissions intended for several national broadcasters. The first of these pitches was for a light-hearted mainstream quiz show called Tempted, and below are examples of the various page layouts. Click on the thumbnail of the cover page to view a larger version.


The second pitch document was created to showcase a high-stakes evening game show in the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' vein. The actual documents were completed to 300dpi A4 size.

Final Five
Final Five
Final Five
Final Five



Factual Pitch

In 2005 I worked alongside writer Tommy Wright to create a logo for his documentary proposal Man in a Million. The programme would explore the possible future evolution of mankind. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size version.

Man in a Million


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