Short Film Storyboarding

Test Yourself - 2005

Almost 100 storyboard panels went into visualising Test Yourself, a fifteen minute film by Elliott Bellwood. I worked closely with the director over a series of meetings to chart the visual sequence of the script through a rough series of simple sketches. I then recreated these designs in the final storyboards, a few examples of which you can view through the links below.

Test Yourself 1
Test Yourself 2



Him Over There - 2004

The following storyboards were completed in December of 2004 for the ten minute film Him Over There. Working closely with writer / director John Vanderpuije, the boards were developed and completed to detail all of the scenes in the film. Six examples of the completed boards can be found by clicking on the images below taken from the full pages.

Him Over There

Him Over There


Him Over There



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