Transformers: Mosaic - 2007 to 2012

IDW publishing - the current publishers of the Transformers comic - have nurtured a large fan community on their public forums. Transformers: Mosaic is a long running community project where a new one-page comic strip story, created by members of the forums in their spare time, is posted on the site. I posted the three submissions below between 2007 and 2012.


The Passenger

The Cassandra Effect

The Tank



Transformers: War Journal - January 2008

War Journal Page 8
War Journal Page 9

In January of 2008, a group of forum moderators and fans on the IDW boards got together to pool their artistic talents: they created Transformers: War Journal, a 22 page online comic. The project told one whole story, but with the individual pages presented as a done-in-one story as well focussing on one character. Each page is drawn by a different artist, and I contributed the two pages on the right - pages 8 and 9 from the finished comic. These were submitted as black and white line art to be coloured and lettered by other contributors.

Click on the thumbnails for the full size pages.

The finished complete War Journal can be found here. The pages shown here were written by John-Paul Bove, Josh van Reyk & Jon Stone, coloured by John-Paul Bove and lettered by Bernie Lee.



Transformers Cover Competition - January to March 2008

Cover Competition Round 1


Cover Competition Round 1


In early 2008, IDW ran a competition to be a cover artist on one of their Transformers titles. The winner would be decided by public vote on the IDW Forum. Due to the large number of entries, the competition was split into three rounds. My entries - to the right - made it into the first two rounds. The covers had to be black and white line art depicting the characters and setting outlined in a brief sent to each entrant.

Click on the thumbnails to the right to see the full size pages.

Comica Competition

Graphic Short Story Competition - November 2008

Comica Page 1


Comica Page 2


The Observer and Jonathan Cape publishing run an annual graphic story competition looking a single story piece to run across two pages of the Observer Review section. The winner receives £1,000 while the piece is published and also exhibited during the Comica Festival at the ICA. My entry 2008’s competition can be seen on the right.








The Bar - 2004

The Bar is a webcomic written by Jimi Odell and drawn by myself. Below are the first five strips of a planned 30 strip run. Please note that several of these strips feature strong language and adult themes. Click on the thumbnails below for the full size pages.

The Bar strip 1
The Bar strip 2
The Bar strip 3
The Bar strip 4
The Bar strip 5



Intelligent Brian - 2003

I was at Bournemouth University with Jimi Odell and Kevin Sheath when they created Intelligent Brian in 2000. The strip began as a simple 2 panel webcomic where one creator draws the first panel, setting up the situation / punchline, and then the other creator offers their rebuttal, often undermining the obvious intentions of the setup. The strip has run on-and-off ever since, and after redesigning the website in 2003, I was asked to be a guest artist. Below are a few examples of my work, and as with The Bar, please note that many of these strips contain strong language.

Intelligent Brian

Intelligent Brian

Intelligent Brian

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